Autumn Adoptions, Inc. -- A Home Study Agency Autumn Adoptions, Inc. -- A Home Study Agency Autumn Adoptions, Inc. -- A Home Study Agency Autumn Adoptions, Inc. -- A Home Study Agency Autumn Adoptions, Inc. -- A Home Study Agency
Autumn Adoptions Inc.

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Prepare Home Study Reports, Post Placement Reports, Home Study Updates, Addendums and Court Reports for International, Domestic and Parental Placement Adoption.
Conduct in-home visits per Virginia Department of Social Services Minimum Standards.
Prepare Families for adoption through discussion and the provision of resources and referrals.
Assist in assessing families' readiness for adoption.
Assess the appropriateness of a placement post adoption and make recommendation for continuation or disruption of placement.
This agency does not arrange adoptions or place children in homes.



I. PHASE ONE: APPLICATION: Submit the home study application for review and approval. Once your application is reviewed and approved, you will be notified and a home study agreement form will be sent to you. To begin your home study you must submit your home study agreement form and payment. You will then be contacted for a face to face meeting at our office to begin the home study. Once your application has been approved, you should download the home study forms and begin working on them. Feel free to bring any completed forms or other required documents to your initial office interview.


II. PHASE TWO: THE PAPER CHASE/INDIVIDUAL INTERVIEWS: This is the time that it takes for you to complete the required paperwork to complete your home study file. Once your autobiographical statements are received your individual interviews will be scheduled. Your home visit will be conducted once your home study file is complete.


III. PHASE THREE: REPORT WRITING/FINALIZATION: Once ALL paperwork has been received and your home study file is complete, and ALL face to face meetings have been held, AAI will prepare a draft of the home study for your review, your placement agency's review and/or your adoption attorney's review as applicable. Once all parties agree that the report is ready for finalization, and the statement of accuracy form has been signed, the Executive Director will prepare three notarized copies of the report along with any other documentation required and send this packet to you for your distribution to the appropriate entities.