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AUTUMN ADOPTIONS INC., founded in 2003 is a licensed, not-for-profit adoption agency authorized to provide adoption home study services for international, domestic and parental placement adoptions. This agency does not accept custody or control of children nor do we provide foster care services. Our services include: adoption home studies; home study updates and addendums as well as post placement supervision and court reports for finalization or re-adoption. While we do not place children, we work closely with the placement agency of your choosing to assist you in satisfying the home study requirements of the state and federal government in the case of international adoption as well as the country you are adopting from. In the case of domestic adoption, we work closely with your placement agency and/or adoption attorney to meet any interstate requirements.


"Be glad of people of Zion, rejoice in the Lord your God, for he has given you the Autumn rains in righteousness." Joel 2:23

People often ask me where the name "AUTUMN ADOPTIONS" comes from. I chose to name the agency after my oldest daughter, Autumn. It seemed fitting because early in my journey toward becoming her mother, I read the scripture above in Joel and it made me realize more than ever what a gift it is to become a parent. I also came to realize that it is ultimately God's divine will that prevails with respect to timing. It is all in God's time. We are not in control. It was also around this time that I accepted a position with a local agency and began doing adoption home studies. I found this work to be so rewarding and I knew that this was what I was meant to be doing. It gave me such joy to see children and parents come together and become family.

I later went to work for a private international adoption agency as the head of their social work department in charge of developing their home study program. The needs of my family as well as my love for this work led me to leave this agency in 2003 and start my own agency specializing in home study services. In starting my own agency, it was my hope to make the home study process as compassionate and as stress free as possible for adoptive families. I believe that those blessed with a heart for adoption are very special people and have been chosen by God to take care of His little ones.

I have been working with children and families in a variety of different capacities since I graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree from Howard University in 1989. I have been a licensed social worker in the state of Virginia since 1999. I completed my Master of Social Work degree in 1995 and took a job in the foster care system. I was put in charge of the reunification program for children that were medically fragile and quickly saw the need for these children to be placed in loving, permanent homes. I succeeded in getting several of these children reunified with their biological families. Unfortunately, this was not possible for the majority of the children in the program. It left me wondering what would become of them. This issue is one that is particularly close to my heart as I spent the majority of my childhood in the foster care system as my parents were unable to care for me and my two sisters. I was eventually able to be reunified with my family but I know all too well that many children languish in orphanages and foster homes and never find permanent homes. I am committed to doing whatever I can to see that children who otherwise may have grown up in an orphanage or foster home find forever families through adoption. Thank you for considering AUTUMN ADOPTIONS INC. to meet your adoption needs. We look forward to being a part of your adoption journey!

April Williams Jackson, LCSW
Executive Director/Founder